The Eidus Family

from Latvia

L-R: William Aiduss, Harry Aidus, Morris Eidus, Hyman
          Adus, Lea (wife of Morris Eidus)

L-R: William Aiduss, Harry Aidus, Morris Eidus, Hyman Adus,
Lea (wife of Morris Eidus)

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There are many family lines of Eidus descendants around the world who know that their ancestors came from Latvia. Derivative surnames include Adus, Aidus, Aiduss, Edus, Edut, Ejdes, Ekdes and others.

This site traces the descendants of Arye Eidus and specifically descendants of his grandson Tevel Eidus. I am the great-great grandson of Tevel (aka Tevya) Eidus. Tevya's son Chaim Eidus (later Adus) married Mary (Mire) Ritz from Belarus. Chaim (Hyman) Adus was my great-grandfather. Chaim and Mary had two children, Israel (Isidore) Adus and Slate (Jennie) Adus. Isidore was my grandfather.

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Tevel Eidus married Zlatel Reichlin. Their children known to have come the United States are:

  • Hyman Adus (Chaim Eidus), born July 1, 1881 in Latvia.
  • Morris Eidus, born circa 1882
  • Shifra Aidus, born circa 1885
  • Harry Aidus, born May 15, 1886
  • Dora Aidus, born circa March 15, 1890
  • William Aiduss, born April 18, 1893
  • Rose Aidus, born circa 1899

Thanks to information provided by the Latvian Archives we have information on the family tree dating back to around 1785. Tevel Eidus was the grandson of Arye Eidus, who was born around 1785.

Family History Documents and Photos

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  • Chaim Adus (Edus), son of Tevel Eidus, arrived April 5, 1907.
  • Mary, Israel (aka Isidore), and Slate (aka Jenny) Adus (Chaim's family), arrived together October 13, 1910.
  • Dora Eidus, daughter of Tevel Eidus, arrived November 25, 1907.
  • Harry Aidus, son of Tevel Eidus, arrived as Samuel Janowski. See this record in the Brooklyn naturalization index for details. The Ellis Island record shows that he was going to stay with his sister Dora's husband.
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