The Himmelfarb Family

from Kovel, Ukraine

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David Himmelfarb was born in Kovel (aka Kowel), in present day Ukraine. He was the son of Beryl and Ethel Himmelfarb. Beryl Himmelfarb was a Rabbi. David is believed to be the only one of his siblings to emigrate to the United States. He arrived here in 1914. David had family that stayed in Kovel and was very upset when he learned that the Nazi's had taken the town. The names of David's siblings and other family are unknown. David Himmelfarb was my great-grandfather. If you have any information about this family or believe you are related please contact me.

According to the information he provided on his Declaration of Intention to become a US citizen, David Himmelfarb was born on July 4, 1876 in Kovel (Kowel), which is in present day Ukraine. At the age of 35 he emigrated from the port of Libau (present day Liepaja), on the southwest coast of Latvia, on May 5, 1914. The journey from Kolki, where he was likely living at the time, or nearby Kovel, is about 400 miles. How he made the trip to Latvia or how long it took is unknown. He arrived at Ellis Island on the S.S. Dwinsk on May 20th. On the ship's manifest his occupation is listed as hat maker. David married Scheindel Kippelman from Kolki, who arrived in the US almost six years later with their children Ethel, born in 1904, and Louis, born in 1907. Scheindel, (also known as Scheine Chaya, and later known as Ida), was five years younger than David. She was born on June 4, 1881. Click here to see a family tree with descendants of David Himmelfarb and Scheindel Kippelman. All of David Himmelfarb's descendants are also descendants of the Kippelman family. Click here for more information on the Kippelman family.

According to the passports that this family traveled with the family name in Ukraine was Gimelfarb. This is because there is no letter H in the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet.

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Other surnames being researched in relation to this family are Kippelman / Kipilman, Eidus / Edus/ Edut / Aidus / Aiduss / Adus.


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David and Scheindel are buried on the Kippelman Family Circle plot. You can visit the Kippelman Family Circle virtual cemetery, which contains photos of the entire plot, at the Kippelman Family web site.

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